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Rar files are compressed archives. The term “Archive” means that the file may contain not just one, but several files. It may even contain folders full of files, much like folders on your hard disk. “Compressed” means that mathematical techniques have been used to reduce the space needed to store the files, so that the size of the archive may be much smaller than the total size of the files it contains. In short, Rar files are a space-saving way of storing single files or groups of related files.

When a large file is shared sometimes it’s available as one download, or as often the case it is split into smaller volumes by using the rar format method.

The rar method will only work if you download ALL parts.
When you have downloaded all parts you will need a zip utility to extract and join together the large file. I use Winrar and have been using it for years, in fact it’s the only zip utility I have on both my computers. There is a free Trial version, but you can easily get the paid version for free which after a quick search on Google will be this link here as one example

If you prefer you can also use 7-zip which is freeware and available here

Extracting rar files on a Mac

Because a lot of Gurls are not quite so computer savvy, and because being a Windows user I have no idea of how a Mac works , you best look at a program called stuffit or visit this site and download their free program which I’m informed is excellent.


There are several advantages other than compression with using rar files. Most file sharing sites have a limit to the size of file stored, by splitting up large files this get around that restriction.

Also when uploading or downloading, should your connection be lost then its far better to lose 200MB than 700MB.

Many a time I have nearly finished only for something to happen, forcing me to start over again.

Remember many free file sharing sites do not offer resumable downloads, lose connection and you lose the data which you have already downloaded.

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