First I no longer run advertisements with Adengage as a publisher for reasons I won’t go into, however if you are connected with the sale or manufacture of lingerie or anything else which may be of interest to my websites and it’s visitors then please¬† feel free to contact me.

Koala Mens Swimsuits has been advertising with me continually for nearly a year now, so I think that alone speaks more than anything I can dream up.

The cost for advertising on this website and and is just $40 a month. Placement of adverts is on a first come first served basis, just as long as they are renewed.

It’s a well known fact that most browsers and even some firewalls and anti-virus programmes have the ability to strip out advertisements from known advertising companies even google ads.
The main advantage for going direct with the website owner is that adverts will not be stripped out.
If you would like to contact me with regards to advertising then please use the contact form HERE and I will reply asap. Thanks

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