Zovo Lingerie Knickers Down in Price

Posted January 19th, 2009 at 6:10 pm

I’ve had one or two of these notifications regarding Zovo Lingerie and their January sales so I decided to check them out, and yes they are indeed slashing some prices on their merchandise. Some priced up at $100 are reduced to $15 – $20. For instance this Silk Chiffon Poolside Dress original price $195 can be bagged for only $30, which to be honest with my budget is about all it’s worth.

Zovo Lingerie Silk Chiffon Poolside Dress

Zovo Lingerie Silk Chiffon Poolside Dress

What grabbed my attention though initially was the Panty sell out. If you buy two panties you get another pair free, very interesting. So heading straight to the panty listings on their website I damn nearly fell of my chair and choked on my beer.

Zovos cotton lycra collection

Zovo's cotton lycra collection

These plain Jane nothing out of the ordinary boring bikini panties are marked up at an amazing $20 that’s a whopping £14 GBP. So fumbling for my calculator…tap tap, discount the one free panty tap tap, it works out at an incredible $13 a panty and look it’s only a plain Jane panty to boot.
What’s happened America? I can remember coming to the good old US of A for my holidays and coming back with a suitcase stuffed full of clothes because they were so cheap. Look and this might be a idea for your next vacation, forget Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guards and all the other London crap for tourists, we have a retail outlet here in Blighty called Marks and Spencers who second name is Quality.
You can get a similar cotton/lycra bikini panty for a fraction of the price.

5 Multiple=

5 Multiple Star Bikini Knickers

This Bikini panty not only looks more feminine, you can get a similar offer. If you buy one for $8.70 you get another half price at $4.35. Making a total of $13.05, but wait hold on to your horses it gets better. That’s not for 2 panties, that’s for two packs of 5 so you are ending up with 10 Bikini panties for $13.05, dont believe me? Here Check for yourselves so that is tap tap just over a dollar a knicker…….hell at that price it ain’t worth the trouble of washing them!.
So nip down to the travel agents and book your flights, buy yourself a huge suitcase, and we look forward to welcoming all you American panty shoppers later in the year. Just think the saving on the panties will cover the cost of your holiday…….
and just remember, even if your not interested in cheap panties ……..there’s more to England than bloody London!.

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