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Posted January 18th, 2010 at 2:57 pm

Women on Top by Nancy Friday
“The women in this book are searching for erotic choices in their real lives, trying to understand what prevents them from fully realizing these possibilities. Without social inhibitions or pretty language, their sexual fantasies deal with various strategies they have developed to get them past whatever it is in their earlier lives that stands in the way of exploring the limits of their true eroticism.”
The book was written by Nancy Friday.
It is a book about sexual enchantment, a true telling and educational because the author tells a bit about the history of sex and also gives tips on sexuality. She explains terms that every one might not be very familiar with. And you really have the feeling to learn something useful and it can improve your sex life tremendously. She talks about the “Soixante-huitarde Ideology”, the seventies ideology, period where the absolute sexual promiscuity totally came out, the society is ready to disclose what used to be ignored before, meaning incest, pedophile, and other outrageous sexual acts. It shows in a way that eroticism of this end of century with the famous slogans “Make love not war” or “It is forbidden to forbid”… put to a clear day selfishness, frustration, and anguish. The humanity rediscovers sexual liberty doesn’t take us to a total harmony.
The book is divided in three major parts:

-Report from the erotic interior is as the title suggests is about sex and the inner sides. Nancy talks about women freedom and feminism.
-Separating sex and love: masturbation and how women feel and felt about it. She also puts forward advantages of masturbation and also makes a difference between sex and love. In another part she writes on the total changes of attitudes, behaviors and feelings towards sex.
-Fantasies: real stories about everyday women fantasies. They come from different social or professional environment but each one of them has a specific fantasy. You will learn unsuspected secrets and read shameless confessions coming from either the hottest and torrid ones or the most reserved or shy ones.
Take the book like a directory of fantasies.
You learn a lot about how to give men more pleasure and their sexual organs. It is funny because I have seen few days ago a programme on Channel 4 called “Sex tips for girls”. And in a way it relates a bit to this book. But it is more explicit as you see women and men realistically (well with dummies sexual organs) learning about each other. Couples in the series talk more about what turn them on. Communication was discussed in the series and was pointed out as helping to go over conflicts and arguments. But it helps also to understand what the other partner wishes in the sexual intercourse.

I though I could put down a description of the word fantasy according to specialists to complete this opinion:
Imaginary representation activating a sexual emotion, a desire or pleasure. In other words it is present only in the imaginary side of the brain but is conscious and evocates pleasure, desire like erotic dreams but also increases the feeling of being desired.
But it is important to know all fantasy is not just the image of an erotic desire. It is often an ideal scene leading sometimes to disappointment: reality is sometimes different from the ideal thought and sought…
Fantasy is a way for the brain to get involved in sexuality and to stimulate erogenous zones to finally create a bond in the couple. Everybody has fantasies but for some of us they are deep inside our mind. Why? Maybe because the person feels ashamed or embarrassed and is afraid to reveal them in case people would judge (they can be about another person than the usual partner or are more of a perverse nature).
Fantasies are essential to a full sexuality and enrich the concept. They increase the desire and boost up confidence and are the first step of the creativity in sexuality.
Too many persons don’t know if they have to talk about them and eventually to realise them.
It is not that easy. Sexual behaviours are usually alike to the two persons. And disclose a fantasy can embarrass. However it is normal fantasies can express contradictions with the moral values of the person. They exist to extract those values out and to get pleasure from those transgressions. It can be difficult to make a fantasy comes true. As a matter of fact you might require accessories, make up situations or scenes…and it is an important work. However it is a great pride for the person to have had accomplished one.
Fantasy has a double edge: it can engender problems in the relationship; for example most of men and women would like to live again a past relation or have an experience with a different partner.

The book reveals pleasure doesn’t come in a surprise pack but from experience. Pleasure is learnt, educated, stimulated. It goes through a good knowledge of its own body and the partners’ one. It is often that the first sexual debates are a disappointment and a flop, they are often botched to go straight to what we think is the essential. There is a lack of sexual preparation: too fast preliminaries, routine, lack of tenderness and desire wants some imagination, love signs, seduction and the know how to conquer again and again the beloved one.
I finally will say that the less we make love, the less we want to make love. It is a vicious circle. The time flies and sexuality looses of its charm. So try your best to leave the engine on and not on a stand-by mode. Leave the flame burning but don’t put it on the rear burner…

Women on top by Nancy Friday Download Links

Women on top by Nancy Friday Download Links

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