Why is it considered weird for a guy to wear panties?

Posted January 24th, 2009 at 10:23 am

Why do people think its weird for a guy to wear lingerie. I have worn panties for years does that make me some kind of freak? I am not gay, it’s not some kind of sexual perverted thing, I just find them to be more comfortable than Men’s underwear. So why is that so weird to people? You can put a pair of knickers on a dog and people will love it and find it oh so amusing and sweet. Tell them you wear panties and they run off screaming pervert!

Why is it considered weird for a guy to wear panties?

Why is it considered weird for a guy to wear panties?

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  • helping_a_friend
    January 27, 2009 at 6:16 am

    Most women just aren’t used to the idea of guys wearing panties. As far as comfort goes, you can go to a VS store and buy any style of panties you want, any fabric, cut, color, and when it comes to microfiber panties, they are a lot cheaper that ones from CK or other designers that are actually made for men, and there isn’t much difference in some styles aside from a little bit of stitching.

    As far as the weirdness goes, it just isn’t thought of as normal by some people because they don’t have an open mind about it. This is the key thing, a lot of people just aren’t open to the idea of it, but they don’t bat an eyelash if a woman wants to wear a piece of men’s clothing.

    There are really a lot of men who like panties over traditional boxers or briefs, but they don’t want to be criticized about it, so they choose not to mention it to other people.

  • Michelle
    September 10, 2009 at 3:48 am

    It’s considered weird because people naturally think that men should wear men’s underwear and women should wear women’s underwear

    Kind of like it would be weird if women had mustaches because it’s not something everyone is used to being normal….

    I think that’s fine that you wear panties….I mean as long as you’re comfortable, just don’t tell too many people…lol
    When my gf asked me to try her panties on years ago, I think she had the idea it was just a one-time thing because we were fooling around at the time. The subject didn’t come up again for a long time, but since that first time, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I loved the feel of her panties. So, I secretly tried a couple of other styles of hers to figure out what I liked and then went out and bought some of my own, all the time keeping my love of panties a secret from her, as I wasn’t sure how she’d react if I admitted that I was into panties.

    I’m not sure when I decided to tell her, but when I did, I was actually surprised that she didn’t seem too enthused about the whole idea, considering she was the one who started the whole thing by asking me to wear hers! She pointed out that her request to me was made during the heat of the moment and she wasn’t trying to make me wear panties all the time for her. I thought a big argument was brewing over my telling her, but she just looked at me and explained that she was with me because she loved me, good qualities, bad habits, weird panty fetishes and all! Now she accepts and even sometimes encourages my love of panties (she’s even bought some for me), but I respect her feelings by not wearing panties 24/7 and also treating my panty-wearing as just a regular thing, no different than when I wear regular men’s stuff… and I love her for being cool with it (among many other things).

  • i 3 u
    September 14, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    To be honest I do find it weird but i really don’t know why..maybe it’s because most people aren’t used to guys wearing panties…and if your open and tell someone you wear panties..the first thing that’s gonna come out of their mouth is…are you gay? crazy really I suppose.
    I was married for 10 years before I finally came out to my wife that I enjoy wearing women’s lingerie. Wow, it didn’t go well! She called me gay. She accussed me of marrying her under false pretenses. She felt betrayed. It took a year or more of … leaving it alone. Talking to her. Her thinking about it, etc., before she finally came to accept it. She still isn’t THRILLED with it, but we actually make love with both of us in panties and pantyhose, etc. Her turn on is that it turns me on.

    Don’t be fooled by my so-called happy ending. LOTS of women go running for the hills when their men confess this … urge. So, you must be prepared to lose her before you tell her. And don’t turn it around on her like she’s the weirdo for not accepting your fetish. While I personally think it’s silly to put so much emphasis on articles of clothing and to somehow ascribe such power to men’s and women’s clothing, it’s largely a societal thing. I made every argument under the sun, INCLUDING …

    1. When God created man and woman, there were NO CLOTHES
    2. When they sinned against God and felt shame, they covered up with leaves. Adam didn’t grab a male leaf and Eve a female leaf. It was just something to cover up their nakedness
    3. There is virtually no difference between many articles of men’s and women’s clothing, INCLUDING shirts/blouses, men’s and women’s jeans, men’s and women’s slacks, socks, etc.
    4. Even men’s and women’s underwear have become almost androgenous. Look at women’s panties. Some look like men’s jockey briefs. Some are called BOY shorts. Men’s underwear are now made of slinky fabrics like microfiber.
    5. Men wore tights before women did!
    6. She wears my clothes all the time and I don’t call her a lesbian.

    And so on. The point is that the arguments are there. They are sound. But NOTHING can guarantee you that she’ll buy them. It’s her call, not yours. As I said, be prepared to lose her. Even worse, be prepared for her to tell people what you told her. Is it worth the risk?

  • cum4u90803
    April 12, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    It’s all ridiculous to me. I love to wear panties but have to hide it from my wife. She’d explode if she ever caught me or I told her. Okay, maybe some of the lacy things might really freak her out. But, I have men’s underwear with the same cut and some interesting colors/patterns. They’re just made of cotton. What’s the difference between a nice, soft, smooth pair of panties and them? Hell, my Speedos are cut like panties and have Spandex cloth.

    Unfortunately, most women are never going to buy into it because they can’t imagine a man wearing them and wouldn’t think about how much fun it would be to rub their panties on yours.

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