Upskirting Police Officer Arrested in Macys Store Using his Cell Phone

Posted February 13th, 2010 at 9:51 am

Kvue News has reported that tonight, a local police officer is facing charges for peeping on women in a store dressing room and recording it on his cell phone.

Austin police were called to the Macy’s department store in Barton Creek Square Mall on February 9th.

Officers with the store had detained 23-year-old Brandon Gilroy. Police say he had been hanging around the junior miss department and went inside the dressing room where he was caught using his cell phone to record video of a woman undressing in the stall next to his.

“What he confessed to or admitted to and it’s in the probable cause affidavit it placing the cell phone camera on the top of his foot and then sliding his foot underneath the divider between the two stalls and recording whatever it would pick up,” said Julie O’Brien, the Commander of APD’s Violent Crimes Unit.

Police say upskirt videos, like this one on You Tube, are often uploaded onto the Internet, so they executed search warrants for Gilroy’s cell phone and home computer.

“I’m not going to comment exactly at this point as to what we found on his home computer, but I will say that we have not recovered any evidence at this point that he was taking any of these images and uploading them to the Internet or to any voyeuristic type site,” said O’Brien.

At this point, investigators say their evidence indicates Gilroy only recorded women undressing at the store and not on the St. Edward’s campus where he was a police officer. But that did little to allay students’ concerns.

“He hasn’t done anything here that we know, but for him to be doing it elsewhere you don’t know what could have happened if he wasn’t caught now would it have been something that happened at St. Edward’s,” said Meagan Ryan, a sophomore at St. Edward’s.

“It’s going to make me kind of second guess my security and my privacy, I mean if a police officer can do that then no telling who else,” said Celeste Delarosa, a junior at St. Edward’s.
Police want to speak to anyone who may have seen Gilroy at Barton Creek Square Mall from January 28Th through February 9Th. They specifically want to talk to the white female with reddish blond hair who police say briefly confronted Gilroy in the junior miss dressing room on February 9th.

So be careful out there kids when your snapping a few videos and you get stopped by a police officer.  He might not be planning to arrest you, he might only be wanting to exchange a few vids. ;)

This is the sort of film which is an invasion on women’s privacy…..especially if they have dirty knickers.

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