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Posted December 24th, 2009 at 6:38 am

Transvestite Wives

Transvestite Wives looks at three transvestite relationships, as seen through the eyes of their wives and partners. In the Scottish Highlands, Sheila discovered seven years into her marriage that her husband Dennis was a transvestite. In Newark, 20-year-old Sam, is embracing her 40-year-old partner Chris’ tranny lifestyle; and in Barnsley, Robyn, who has struggled to be accepted for her weight problem, at last finds happiness with her cross-dresser husband Dean.

Transvesite Wives Sheila and Dennis

Transvesite Wives Sheila and Dennis from Scotland

First we see Sheila and Dennis (Fem name Denise), who are a middle aged couple from Scotland. They both agreed after Dennis came clean about his cross dressing they had grown closer to each other and the film shows they are very much in love. One scene in particular is where they drive out to a loch for a day and Denise is posing for photo’s while Sheila snaps away. The acceptance by their narrow minded Scottish neighbors was a different story, having previously tried to obtain a court order to force them out of the neighborhood. Another scene towards the end of the film is where Denise is being challenged by some local women who were quite blunt about Denise’s appearance. I believe if it were not for the cameras they would of been extremely rude and abusive, but thankfully they held back and the world never witnessed how ignorant they were. Denise I thought handled the situation very well.
Transvesite Wives Sam and Chris

Transvesite Wives Sam and Chris

The second couple, Sam and Chris (Fem name Rachel), well if I had to choose then these were my favorites. Sam is one very attractive 20-year-old girl who for any tranny was a definite keeper. She was obviously very open minded, non judgmental, and very supportive. It turned out Sam had once worked for 40 year old Chris in his chip shop. I won’t go into to much detail because it will spoil the film if you download it, but it has a very touching ending. It left me thinking he was one lucky guy to have found such a partner, I even felt a tad jealous to be honest.
Transvesite Wives Dean and Robyn

Transvesite Wives Dean and Robyn

The last couple, Robyn and Dean ( Fem name DeAnn). Dean Dudley, 35, has been dressing up in women’s clothes and make-up since the age of six but never even told his mother, his family only found out he had a secret double life as a transvestite when he arrived at his own wedding wearing a bride’s dress. Dean met Robyn, 28, in 2003 in the ladies’ toilets of Chicago Rock Cafe in Barnsley while she was trying to tidy her hair with her hands and he offered her a brush.

They chatted for 45 minutes, swapped mobile phone numbers and began dating.

Chicago-born Robyn said: “I had seen what appeared to be a tall, gorgeous red-headed woman moving on the dance floor, but when she offered me her hairbrush, it turned out to be a man called Dean.

“We got on really well immediately. I accepted who he was and that it was not my place to change him.

“Even if we had got together in normal circumstances and he had come out with it later, I wouldn’t have had a problem.

“It is something that is just part of him. I love being with my husband and the person he is.”

Robyn found many similarities between her struggles to be accepted as a larger woman, and Dean and his friends’ struggles to be accepted simply as women. She runs hair and makeup groups for transwomen and said she enjoys their company more than that of genetic girls. The most touching part of their story was when they took a transsexual friend to Blackpool for the day – their friend’s first day out dressed during daylight hours. The success of their relationship was attributed to the fact that Robyn met DeAnn before she met Dean. The couple have also set up a support network for local transsexuals and transvestites.

Anyone who dresses partially or fully in female clothing should watch this film especially if they are contemplating coming out. If nothing more it will give them a feel good factor afterwards. Actually I was surprised the BBC made such a positive documentary about cross-dressing, and I especially think these couples coming out on camera and via the internet to the rest of the world was particularly brave of them. Although this documentary is 2 years old, trannies and cross dressers are being born every day so this is dedicated to those who have not seen it yet, or have just recently discovered the real them.

There are sections of the film on Youtube but it would mean searching for all of them. This film download is reasonable quality and in one segment.
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Download Full Film (approx 155mb)

Transvestites and Cross Dressing in the West

Transvestites and Cross Dressing in the West

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