Thongs should carry a health warning

Posted January 15th, 2009 at 2:17 pm

Thongs can cause health problems

Thongs can cause health problems

It’ seems thongs are now a popular choice of panty for both men and women, well they may look cool, and they may be the answer to the pantyline but it has been proven they also cause certain health problems in both sexes.

It’s been discovered thongs have been the cause of bladder infections. If a girl has a bowel movement, and she isn’t too thorough in the cleaning department, or there is a shortage of toilet paper then some of the the excreta containing E-coli bacteria could pass onto the thong and then pass to the vagina causing a bladder infection which could result in a pretty serious condition. The vagina and the anus being very close together makes the transfer more than likely.

If women prefer to wear thongs, then they are advised to avoid synthetic ones ie: nylon and to shop for cotton instead as they are more absorbing, thus reducing the risk of bladder and yeast infection.
Also, make sure the thong is lose fitting because a tight thong can cause irritation on the clitoris, or if continually rubbing across the anus could cause sensitive external hemorrhoids and that applies to men as well.

Another tip to staying healthy is don’t wear thongs 365 days of the year, when your at home lounging around the house take them off and wear a pair of cotton granny panties, or nothing at all, and most importantly girls ……remember what your mother should of taught you ……. wipe front to back. ;)

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