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Posted January 6th, 2008 at 10:43 pm

After the Christmas feast Spanx comes to a girls rescue.
Spanx, a line of slimming undergarments claims it can make women look up to a size smaller, has now turned the once unmentionable topic of body shapers into an acceptable topic for discussion
“Spanx doesn’t sound like you’re wearing a girdle,” said Sandra Saffle, national lingerie fit stylist for Nordstrom. “It has a sexy kind of appeal to it. Women aren’t afraid to admit they’re wearing Spanx.”

Nordstrom sees sales of Spanx increase around 30 percent during the holidays.
With less time to exercise and more opportunities to eat, women flock to the brand to help conceal strange lumps, muffin tops and VPLs, visible panty lines.

“Models get airbrushed. We get Spanx,” said Sara Blakely, the Atlanta-based founder of Spanx.

The idea for her first product came when she clipped the feet off a pair of pantyhose so they could be worn underneath pants but wouldn’t show with sandals. Since 2000, Blakely has come up with dozens of shapers with varying coverage, from underwear to full-body slimmers, that have become popular for their comfort and affordability.
To add to the appeal, Blakely gave the products quirky names, such as the Slim Cognito Bodysuit, Power Panties and Tight-end Tights.

Although a woman might not let on that someone else does her gift wrapping, the source of her slimming, smoothing and shaping has become a topic of discussion, thanks in part to Spanx’s celebrity following.
Tyra Banks has flashed her Power Panties on her talk show. So has Oprah, who put Spanx on her annual taste-making list of favorite things in 2000. Comedian Molly Shannon held up her dress to reveal her Spanx while making a speech earlier this year.

Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow are other devotees from the red-carpet set.
Susan Atkinson, a Phoenix loan officer, has relied on Spanx since having a baby about a year and a half ago.
“I tend to rely on them more during the holidays, when you put on a pair of slacks and they’re just not quite right,” said Atkinson, 37. “Spanx is for our generation. Whatever else is out there, I don’t know about, because nothing else is talked about.”

Spanx products are sold at department stores, including Neiman Marcus, Dillard’s, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, plus other retail chains and boutiques. A lower-priced line called Assets is available at Target.
In January, Spanx will launch Bra-llelujah!, a $62 bra that promises to banish back fat. Blakely said she’d like to eventually make activewear and swimsuits, too.

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