Sniffing the Panties of Celebrities Poll Results for 2009

Posted January 2nd, 2010 at 12:54 am

Well the 2009 polls are closed and it was quite surprising  how many people showed interest with the sniffing of a celebrities gusset. GUSSET? what the hell is a gusset I hear all the Americans shout.
Actually I only became aware of this just recently because a gusset is the English term for the cotton lining in the panty, you know the piece  which soaks up all front end dribbles and the back end……well you know.
The US meaning of Gusset is a piece armour US spelling armor…..oh this is so confusing but I can see the connection. A crusty gusset could well be used for a piece of armor/armour.

To be fair the polls only ran for 3 months, however this year they will run for the full 12 months.

panty sniffing celebrity panties

The scent of a celebrity panty

You Would Love to Sniff the Panty of Which Actress?

In first place, (and I also voted for this one) was the beautiful, and talented Nicole Kidman
In second place was Any I’m just horny for dirty knickers although I regret including that option because even the most ardent panty sniffer must have a limit somewhere.
In third place but really second was Halle Berry

Nicole Kidman Camel Toe Winner of the 2009 Panty Sniff Awards

Nicole Kidman Camel Toe Winner of the 2009 Panty Sniff Poll

Whose Panty would you LEAST like to sniff?

The panty visitors would least like to sniff was Rosie O’Donnell
In joint second place was Whoopi Goldberg and Hiliary Clinton
You can see the full results below, and don’t forget to vote on the 2010 polls.

Camel Toe Rosie O’Donnell Winner of the No Way Panty Sniff Poll

Camel Toe Rosie O’Donnell Winner of the Not on This earth Panty Sniff Poll

Celebrity Panty Sniffing Results 2009

Dirty panty sniffing celebrity poll results 2009

Celebrity Panty Sniffing Poll Results 2009

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