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Posted January 8th, 2008 at 9:08 pm

Men buying sexy lingerieIt’s the loved ones birthday or valentines day is coming up, panic sets in as your thinking about what to buy her. You know she adores sexy lingerie, so all you need do is walk in the shop and buy it…..Arrrrrrrgh What if someone I know sees me in the shop! what if the sales girl thinks I’m buying them for myself!.
Well the best method of attack is to go shopping with as much knowledge as possible, enter the store and instead of walking around the lingerie section aimlessly, go straight up to an assistant and ask for help. They really don’t care, and if you go well prepared you wont start stuttering or fumbling when asked questions…….so

1. Know her style of panty: If your girlfriend or wife wears lacy, or skimpy thongs every day, don’t buy her huge cotton granny knickers. If she’s a bit more conservative, and prefers the large brief you might not want to get her a set that you’d see on an adult film star, unless you are certain she would enjoy a sexy night in wearing them…

2. Don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous: Let’s say white cotton bras are her everyday wear, and you know she’d like to wear something a bit sexier, for example a silk corset or a babydoll for those special occasions. Go ahead and get her that fancy, unexpected corset or babydoll. If you really want to take it up a notch, buy it in fire engine red or a deep purple.

3. Find out her size(s): Snoop through her lingerie drawer when she’s not home and take note of the size or, in many cases, sizes you see. Some women wear multiple sizes, depending on the brand and style. Your best bet is to buy whatever size you see the most of in her drawer.

4. Go smaller with panties; larger with bras: If you weren’t able to find out what size she wears, remember this rule of thumb, and you’ll stay out of the dog house. No woman wants a gift that implies you think she has a big rear and small breasts.

5. When in doubt, buy panties: There’s no such thing as “too many.” Women can always use another pair.

6. Don’t fret, shop online: If just the mere thought of walking into a department store’s lingerie section or a boutique like Frederick’s of Hollywood or Victoria’s Secret makes you feel like you’re on the verge of an anxiety attack, then don’t even think about it, let alone force yourself to go inside! Browse stores online in the privacy of your home.

7. If you’re ready to completely surrender, buy her a gift card: Unless your girlfriend or wife is anti-gift card, there is absolutely nothing wrong with giving her one to her favorite lingerie shop.

8. Keep the receipt, if you do get it wrong at least you or she can take them back, and not all’s lost…….. she will still love you for at least trying.

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