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Posted January 16th, 2009 at 2:15 pm

Invisible Panties for the Visible Panty Line Problem

Invisible Panties for the Visible Panty Line Problem

The British Debenhams Christmas Sales has seen a surge with customers plumping for the Invisible Knicker.
See through panties whatever next! I wish… but the Invisible Knicker addresses the problem of the Visible Panty Line or VPL for short.
Costing £3-20p (approx $6-00 US) the panty is not expensive when compared to the over priced Victoria Secret panty, plus it has the added benefit of being useful and serving more of a purpose than just covering the ass.
Women when wearing close fitting dresses are often concerned about the bulging panty line, the line so many men love to see.

Debenhams claim the seamless knickers are so popular now they are outselling every other style of lingerie in the chain’s 150 stores by three to one. Last year, Debenhams reported that sales went up to 1,800 per cent and have recently doubled when they dropped the price from £4 to £3.20 a knicker.

Most lingerie stores now offer a range of invisible knicker also called shapewear for that visible panty line problem. The seam free panty is manufactured using a stretchy polyester which fits like a second skin. The fabric is cut with a laser so the edges are sealed and don’t fray, thus eliminating the sewn seams of conventional panties.
I don’t have a problem with the VPL I have a problem with keeping my knickers on. ;)

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