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Posted February 3rd, 2007 at 2:42 pm

Give Up The Bra For Lent: Uplifted Lingerie Calls For Bra Amnesty In Aid Of Charity

This year, instead of giving up chocolate or alcohol for lent, donate a bra to charity and as an added incentive, participants will receive a 15 percent discount off underwear.
A web site specializing in bra’s for curvaceous women size D-L, is calling for women throughout the U.K. to send the company their unwanted bra’s during Lent, 21 February – 7 April, to be distributed to homeless women thanks to the help of national charity Crisis.

So this year, instead of giving up chocolate or alcohol for lent, donate a bra to charity and as an added incentive, participants will receive a 15 percent discount at specialty underwear Web site

To get involved with the bra amnesty, simply package up unwanted bras, any size and style, including nursing bras and maternity. Just make sure they are clean, then send them to arrive no later than 7th April, together with name and e-mail address to Uplifted Lingerie, Howard Road, Clan Works Unit D, Bromley BR1 3QJ, and the sender will be emailed a 15 percent discount voucher.

Jamie Chapman, director of Upliftedlingerie commented, “We recently carried out a survey which concluded that over 50 percent of women in the U.K. own between 10 and 15 bras – yet just a third of women wear all of them, and 15 percent wear only one or two. As there are plenty of unused bras out there, we decided to partner with national charity Crisis to put all these bras to good use.”

He continued, “I understand that it takes some effort to clear out your drawers – that’s why we have added an incentive with a discount off all underwear and nightwear on our Web site. So go ahead – join the bra amnesty.”

Mick Bateman of Crisis said, “Looking and feeling good is vital in helping homeless women build their self-esteem. All the bras donated will be gratefully received by Crisis and will make so much difference to so many woman’s lives.”

UpliftedLingerie is a Web site specializing in affordable underwear size D-L, featuring all the high street labels including Panache, Gossard, Freya, Charnos, Lepel and Shock Absorber. All deliveries and returns are free.

I guess some people would just call me a cynical bastard….. well look, I love seeing generosity and I love seeing people helping each other out, but if I get a sniff of any underlying motive then I can’t contain myself.
There is fierce competition in the world of lingerie, and merchants like most businesses have to come up with new ideas and gimmicks to grab headlines which in turn create sales, but this in my opinion is stooping a tad low.
Being homeless whether it be through drug, alcohol abuse, or whatever, is not something I would want to experience in my lifetime. Often victims have to make their homes under bridges, in shop doorways, or any place where there is some kind of shelter from the elements. With nothing more than maybe some cardboard, or a old blanket to keep warm, its certainly no bed of roses.
They have very little in the way of possessions, and I know if I was a female I certainly wouldn’t be jumping for joy or shouting from the rooftops “I’ve been saved” if someone took pity and handed me a secondhand bra.
It certainly wouldn’t go anywhere near to making me “look and feel good” if the rest of my clothes looked like some Salvation Army throw outs, and as for my self-esteem, come on who are these people trying to kid, another persons bra!….. really!
Of course and here is the main objective in my opinion, if you donate your bra they will give you 15% off your next lingerie purchase. It really is something, why not practice what some companies and individuals do and that is be generous without all the baloney and fanfare. Why not just give 15% or more of all sales to Crisis so more shelters can be built and more resources are available to get these people back into work, and to obtain a feeling they belong once again, by becoming a valued member to society.
Most people when they have a clear out its not just bras gentlemen, its everything, and if they are caring and considerate enough they will take it all to a charity shop.
Now given the choice of getting back into the community, or receiving a used bra……… is there any doubt which one most girls would opt for.

Crisis welcomes any donations

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