Frankie Sandford NIPPLE SLIP Flash for her Teenie Fans

Posted January 19th, 2010 at 12:53 am

Frankie Sandford gives a whole new meaning to the term Goose bumps.
Frankie Sandford of the Shiterdays was snapped leaving London’s Heaven nightclub this week after the group did a lip syncing bash. I have to admit to being fond of girls with fried eggs and no cleavage, but one has to ask if the wearing of such a flimsy T-shirt on a mid winters night was in order to gain as much publicity as possible by flashing her nipples. While it’s encouraging to see she has diverted away from the blatant upskirt flash your panty tactics, I think the nipple slip in front of kids is going to far.

Frankie sandford nipple slip no upskirt

Frankie sandford nipple slip and fried eggs

Frankie Sandford NIPPLE SLIP Flash for her Teenie Fans

Frankie Sandford Do You Think I Have More Cleavage than Mike Tyson

Frankie Sandford nipple flash small tits

Frankie Sandford discovers nipple flashing really works

Frankie Sandford NIPPLE SLIP close Up

Frankie Sandford Close up of her Tweeters

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