Buying Used Panties Can Land You In a Lot of Trouble

Posted March 20th, 2009 at 1:34 pm

A  Kirinyaga prison warden has chased out his wife over an incident involving the purchase of three pairs of used panties.

The incident occurred last week in Ngurubani Township of Mwea Division, Kenya.

A Pison Warders wife bought three panties from a hawker but instead of taking them with her, the hawker delivered them to her house where the husband intercepted them.

As a result, the irate husband, who works at Gathigiriri GK Prison, has served the hawker with a notice “to either get himself out of the neighborhood or face drastic action from a rifle.”

Buying Used Panties Can Land You In a Lot of Trouble with Granny

Buying Used Panties Can Land You In a Lot of Trouble with Granny

Hawker Dan Kariuki sells second hand clothes in one of the many stalls in the town and the woman has been his loyal customer for the past two years. “I have sold her many items ranging from bikers, bras, scarves and other feminine items,” Kariuki says.

But on this particular day, he remembers selling this lady three pairs of panties.

“They were red, pink and white panties, and all of medium size. But because she was rushing off to a merry-go-round event with other women, she told me to pack them and she would pass by in the evening and collect them,” he says.

By closing time at 6.30 pm the woman had not collected the panties.

“Since she is my neighbour, I decided to drop the package off at her place. I did not know or even worry she had a husband,” Kariuki adds.

When he arrived at the house Kariuki knocked on the door, and the daughter who he had known since she was six years old opened it. Kariuki without a thought simply handed her the package which he had wrapped up in old newspaper.

Turning and walking away he heard someone whistle and shout at the same time. Looking back he saw a man running towards him carrying panties in his hands. “I instantly recognized them as the ones I had just delivered,” he says.

He says the man appeared very angry and the look on his face and the incoherent spewing from his mouth spelled danger.

“He wanted to know what authority I had to buy his wife underwear. He also accused me of using the garments as an enticement to seek sexual favours from the wife,” he recalls.

Kariuki says he got so confused since he was given no space to defend himself.

“He slapped me very hard across the face. He then kicked me in the ribs and all the time he was saying he would kill me like one of his prisoners. When he managed to run for his life, Kariuki says he slept in a lodging since he was afraid the man would follow him to his house with a rifle as he had threatened to do.

But the following day, the wife called him on his phone to offer her sympathies and inform him that she had been kicked out of the house.

“She appeared very much amused over the phone. She accused her husband of being an idiot who thinks women’s panties grow in the bedroom and all a woman needs to do is to pick them,”. He says he will not report the incident to the police since litigation is very costly and also because he fears the warder’s connections might do him harm.

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