Britney Spears who gives a shit.

Posted February 3rd, 2007 at 4:14 pm

Looks like Britney Spears’ new man is bringing the really important things into her life: underwear reports Msnbc.

Model Isaac Cohen — who is said to still be dating the Toxic singer despite rumors that they’ve split — was spotted at the posh lingerie store La Bra looking for a Valentine’s Day present. He walked out with a black silk La Perla tuxedo shirt that set him back $358 — as well as seven pairs of panties, reports a source, who add, “I guess it was one for each day of the week.” The pop princess and Cohen have been on-again/off-again, and observers were puzzled by a recent whirlwind tour of gay clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but if Isaac can truly convince Brit to put on some underwear, just imagine the other things he could do for her.

Britney Spears Dirty Panty For Sale no Bidders

Britney Spears Dirty Panty For Sale no Bidders

You know this publicity stunt by Britney Spears should be nipped in the bud. I’m fed up with reading stories by the media about her panty less antics. The media are bad enough for encouraging it.
I hope it turns out the panties bought by Cohen are for someone else, although having been spotted he does at least have time to cover his tracks, and if not let’s hope they are for himself.

And why is visiting a Gay club so puzzling, I have visited Gay clubs and I’m not Gay. There is a great time to be had in these clubs, and without the threat of some drunken asshole, often the kind who frequent the straight clubs, wanting to put your lights out.
Gay people on the whole are more civilized, and certainly know their limits and how to behave.

Okay1001 uses for a pair of panties.
1/ Stuff a pair into Britney Spears gob and say now STFU

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